Akiko Iwashita, CEO

Graduated from Takushoku University’s Department of International Business in the Commerce Faculty.
Undertook a student exchange in Australia and New Zealand while at university.
Started working at Nippon Travel Agency working in Solution Business.
After leaving Nippon Travel Agency, began working as a web consultant for Arukukoto Co., Ltd.
2014: Introduced American donut brand, L’il Orbits, to mobile sales and launched “L’il Orbits Wagon”
2016: Founded Lil World Ltd. Launched the TABERUKOTO site to assist restaurants with inbound visitors.
Interests: travelling, the beach, sport and food!

Corporate Identity

  • L’il World works to become a bridge connecting Japan and the world.
  • L’il World’s business projects create and grow friendships throughout the world based on understanding and enjoying everything wonderful about Japan.

Company Overview

Company Name Lil World Ltd.
Managing Director Akiko Iwashita
Address Nanyoudai, Hachioji City, Tokyo
Tel 080-3494-9011
E-mail contact@lilworld.co.jp
Business Areas – Inbound visitor business
– Regional revitalization business
– Other projects
– Marketing and sales support
Clients include – Restaurants
– Local government bodies
– Marketing companies
– Advertising companies
– Food and beverage associations
– Independent agencies
– International event management companies
Main Bank Mitsui Sumitomo Bank, Tama Branch

Media Mentions

2015: Tama NAVI
2015: Hiragana Times
2016: March edition of Rugby Magazine “Balnibari Collaboration Project”
2016: October edition of Business Change Navi “100 Top Companies Supporting the Future of Tourism”
2016: April edition of Rugby Magazine “Go Rugby Project”
2017: Industry Information Kawasaki


2017: Received the Kawasaki Entrepreneur Award, the Japan Industry Association Award and the People’s Award at the Kawasaki Entrepreneur Audition
2017: Received the Tokyo Innovative Services Division’s Special Award at the Tokyo Going-Global Innovations Competition